The Pursuit of Purpose


A bit off my usual topic, this week’s daily prompt got me thinking and inspired the following blurbs… Next post shall definitely include a bowl 🙂  

Life without purpose is really just passing time. A countdown featuring good and bad times that leads towards an end, a transformation of what is known followed by stepping into the unknown. Regardless of whether you believe in life after death, I feel that purpose is the most valuable gift humans have been bestowed upon with. Purpose gives us meaning. It shapes us and allows us to grow. It offers us something to strive towards that both motivates and inspires. It makes true accomplishment possible.

Part of the beauty that can last a lifetime is in searching for our actual purpose. Whether it’s predestined, purpose is not something we are born aware of. It’s something we discover over time, something we grow into or a realization that manifests itself so clearly that we recognize it has chosen us long before we even knew it. The pursuit of purpose in my book outweighs even the pursuit of happiness. However, they can easily go hand in hand, as fulfilling one’s purpose would bring unparalleled joy.

By actively pursuing my purpose I choose to seek it, I choose to accept it once it unveils itself and I choose to commit to it, hoping to ultimately fulfill it! Getting there will surely not be easy but taking it one step at a time in the right direction is more than doable. I am fairly certain that by just being present through this simple blog, I am working towards it. And if I can inspire even one soul in the same direction I shall take it as a victory.

With purpose we evolve!


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