A Healthy Time Out

As you might have noticed, it’s been a little while since my last post. This is not due to lack of inspiration or writer’s block. On the contrary, this is due to a voluntary time out. Regardless of our life situations, we all spend way too much time online these days connected to cyberspace as opposed to being connected to the land and each other. We’re online at work, at home and via mobile on the go. I truly believe that once in a while we need to just disconnect and replenish the old fashion way!


This is precisely what I did with a week of nature therapy. I needed to get out of the city, to get away from the noise and pollution and to minimize my online connection. I rented a little cottage up north surrounded by beautiful woods on a lakefront with no neighbors in sight. Along with my mommy and her cat we set off on our healthy time out.


Imagine the joys of waking up surrounded by tall green trees and the hum of lovely birds as opposed to the sound of a city garbage truck. This type of tranquility is absolutely priceless in my book. We spent our days swimming, grounding, hiking, being caressed sunlight and contemplating the beauty of our surroundings. Indeed, taking a time out allows you to be truly present. It awakens the senses while simultaneously relaxing the entire nervous system.


Nature, wildlife and introspection have always been some of the most potent, if not essential ingredients to my creativity. Through this getaway I feel like I’ve fueled both my creativity and my health. I admit, it’s not always easy to take time off. However, it’s so very rewarding! I truly think it’s worth pursuing and I highly recommend it 🙂


Traveler tip: If you’re not going far and simply want to rent a cottage or cabin in nature and especially if you’re flexible with the dates here’s what you can do to save big. Make sure to research well. Take a look at airbnb deals, take a look at your local classified ads as well as specialty sites. Once you’ve narrowed down the selection, if your able to book fairly last-minute ask the owner for a discount. I’ve rented chalets for less than half price for a week because I contacted the owner and mentioned that I had a budget and that it might be interesting for them to rent it cheaper than to have it empty all week. It works pretty well! 

As many of you already know, eating healthy is an integral part of my everyday life. When I’m on vacation or traveling for any other reason I never forsake it. And having a little extra time on my hands made it even easier to prepare delicious meals which ensured that I got a great dose of nutrients. This part requires a little planning ahead but it’s easily doable and it can be part of the adventure.

So since I’m very much about joy that comes in the form of a bowl, I will leave you with this gallery featuring my healthy eats – prepared & enjoyed during my healthy time out.

I’ve missed you all but I’m officialy back!

❤ ❤ ❤

7 thoughts on “A Healthy Time Out

    • Well thank you very much! Hope you get to relax in nature asap hehe 🙂 I’m really glad you stumbled upon it because it allowed me to discover yours in turn! Love the vibe, look forward to exploring… especially the cruelty free beauty products 😉 ❤

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