Healthy Eats On Instagram : My Top Picks

They say that an imagine is worth a thousand words! I tend to agree. In today’s busy world eating healthy is definitely a lifestyle. It’s a choice that takes effort in terms of selecting the right foods and preparing them the right way, but it comes with Oh So Many rewards.


While most people know how to chop up a salad or boil a pot of pasta, we don’t always know which combinations go best together, we might not be aware of the nutritional benefits of certain foods, or simply lack inspiration when it comes to cooking on certain days.

Sometimes all it takes is a little help from your friends!  For me, it literally takes 30 seconds browsing my Instagram news feed for instant inspiration and often a bit of involuntary drooling. Watching mouthwatering dishes prepared by people I follow based on their healthy choices not only awakens my creativity but also fuels my passion and motivates me to keep spicing things up. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a wonderful way to connect and exchange tips & recipes with fellow clean eaters.


Today I’m sharing the love by introducing you to some of the profiles that have inspired me the most when it comes to home cooked healthy meals. People from all over the world that share in the belief that Food Matters!

Hope you enjoy the list and that you will be as inspired as I am 🙂

So in no particular order, here we go :


Offers savory recipes directly on her profile under each post. A little bit of everything, prepared using clean ingredients!

-simple_healthy_eats • Instagram photos and videos

Beautiful vegan food & smoothies with many recipes directly within the posts. Brings a whole new meaning to eat the rainbow 🙂

Be natural and stay healthy. 💪  • Instagram photos and videos


A ton of great healthy meal ideas. Some sweet, some salty, all looking delicious. She posts her recipes on her blog:   colleenthefoodblog2  • Instagram photos and videos


A lovely plant based collection of delectable eats. From elaborate fruit and veggie platters to full blown raw cakes that look incredible!

Make life fun living   livingjeanette  • Instagram photos and videos


Offers great recipes and meal ideas using locally sourced organic ingredients. Grows produce in his own garden 🙂 Very similar cooking style to my own. Feeling hungry yet? Check out his blog for the full recipes:

Peter   Seattle  WA   cleaneating.meals  • Instagram photos and videos


Beautiful fruit combos that you’ll be craving all day long! So good, so healthy!

Live and let live 🌱   eatwithfingers  • Instagram photos and videos


An awesome feed with plenty of inspirational concoctions where nutrition meets fitness.

Carolyn Parlato  RDN  LDN   healthy_lifestyle_dietitian  • Instagram photos and videos


Colorful gallery of plant based, gluten free, dairy free, raw, healthy eats… with a great sense of fashion.

HIPPIE LANE   talinegabriel2  • Instagram photos and videos


A fellow health conscious food blogger and nutritionist with tons of fresh ideas. Seems to be an awesome baker as well 🙂 Check out her recipes at:

Annemieke Roeland   healtholution  • Instagram photos and videos

Another awesome food blogger with original meal ideas offering both recipes and health tips. Mostly vegetarian eats infused with delightful spices and more! Get all the goodies here:

Eleonora Tuveri  • Instagram photos and videos


On the menu: fresh food, delicious recipes and more! Definitely lots of color in these plates.

Amy   farmfreshcook  • Instagram photos and videos


Homemade meal ideas using clean ingredients prepared with love! Makes me wanna nom nom everything.

Healthy Food World   healthandkitchen  • Instagram photos and videos


Healthy salads, soups, sweets, smoothies and more from an integrative nutrition health coach. Mostly vegetarian goodness!

Health   Wellness Coach   zoe.swan  • Instagram photos and videos

Jusklaud (bonus)

A wonderful profile where good food and travel photography go hand in hand. Outstanding presentation! Oh and there’s also tea 🙂

JusKlaud   jusklaud  • Instagram photos and videos

And if you’ve never seen mine Joyinabowl, here’s a preview of what I eat :

saby proofoflife   joyinabowl  • Instagram photos and videos

So many other Instagram profiles inspire me on a daily basis through travel, nature and wildlife photography. Today, the focus was mainly on healthy home cooked meals but perhaps in the future it will be something else. Stay tuned to find out!



11 thoughts on “Healthy Eats On Instagram : My Top Picks

  1. Oh wow! Just discovered your blog! I love it and thanks so much for the shout out to my Insta! You have made my day. Big thank you @joyinabowl 😘🙏

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  2. Hi Sabrina! Thank you for sharing your top IG picks with us and for including my profile in the selection. I am so glad I discovered your blog too, so many beautiful pictures and interesting posts. Keep with the good work!

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