Eat Once, Regrow For Ever

People often ask me if buying Organic and mostly clean healthy food costs me an arm and a leg. And while at regular supermarkets Organic food does cost more, it is not necessarily the case in specialty stores or giants like Costco. Remember, the more demand there is for a product the more supply there will be. Same goes for Organic and healthy food. As people continue to shift towards what’s good for them, the industry will have no choice but to follow and adjust. This means better prices as well.

In the meantime, there are definitely steps you can take to save money while improving your health & well-being, which you might actually greatly enjoy! I know I do.

The Beauty Of Regrowing Your Fruits & Veggies

Last year I was stunned when my mom showed me all the vegetables she grew on her terrace. It was literally a garden full of fresh produce such as cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, celery, carrots, delicious herbs, etc. Pretty much a small grocery store section worth of delicious organic produce ready for the picking.

Initially, I thought she planted seeds but to my surprise she explained how she simply planted the parts of the vegetables we usually discard and in no time they yielded new crops. Some of them didn’t even need planting and could magically regrow in water alone. Her successful experiments were based on the principles of Permaculture and they opened my mind to a whole new concept of sustainability. As it turns out, anyone could grow free healthy food regardless of whether they have a garden or not.

So this year I decided to try with 2 of my favorite ingredients “Green Onions” and “Baby Bok Choy”. Three days ago I placed them in jars with water and overnight they began sprouting. Last night I transplanted them into little Tupperware containers filled with soil and voila, now I’m just watching the magic happen.

Here’s what they look like today 🙂


The prospect of witnessing life happen right in front of me and being able to eat as much Organic produce as I want for free is absolutely astounding! It’s one of the reasons why I felt like inspiring others to do so as well. Here is a link to a great infographic explaining in-depth how to Regrow 19 Foods from Scraps.

Researching the demand

On top of regrowing your own fruits & veggies, if you are looking to switch to or simply buy more Organic food, I suggest researching where the demand is higher. In Montreal, the Plateau and NDG are hip neighborhoods where there is definitely more demand. Following this trail I was able to find amazing markets in those areas where Organic food costs half what it does elsewhere.


So in the end, not only does healthy food turn out to be affordable (and absolutely worth it), but you can literally recycle it as often as you wish and end up eating for free!

Who’s with me?





10 thoughts on “Eat Once, Regrow For Ever

  1. nature is so cool. onion is easiest. garlic was a little difficult. fresh peppermint leaf grew like it was jack and bean stalk. 😉 such a great idea for organic. especially potatoes cause of being on the top list of the dirty dozen. i didnt do potatoes though…. yet. 😉

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  2. I’m glad to hear you’ve already started! I really find it magical! Since I’ve made this post the bok choy has grown a couple of inches and the green onions are sky rocketing 😀 Potatoes are definitely a must! Thanks for sharing ❤


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