Easy Kitchen Hack To Save You Cooking Time

Whether you’re a homemaker or a working gal (or fella), one thing is certain; if you eat healthy, if you have little ones to feed or if you simply just eat 3+ times a day, you must spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen. And wouldn’t you agree that every time you get your mind set on a recipe or decide to just wing it and create something original, there’s at least 10-20 minutes prep time for washing and cutting veggies, preparing seasoning, etc.?

Now what if I told you that by adopting a simple habit you could save that time or at least cut it by half every time you cook. Doesn’t that sound appealing?

Veggie Bath Time

Realizing that I spend way too long prepping my meals, I came up with a way to avoid it. No don’t worry, even if I eat organic I don’t cook with soil. I simply wash them all at once, usually once per week. I can’t take all the credit for this method since my mom was the first to suggest it. Like most people I do groceries on the weekend and only buy a few fresh items during the week if I run out. So I decided to incorporate Veggie Bath Time into my routine.


When I get back from the farmer’s market or grocery store I dedicate an hour to washing and properly storing all my produce. Luckily, I also have help. My mom often comes over to help me with this task and we both really enjoy it. Standing for a long  period of time in front of the sink might not be your idea of fun, but believe me it’s so worth it. And you can get others involved. Ask your loved ones to participate. Turn in into a family activity!

As some of you might already know, especially if you’ve read my previous post Dinner & The Golden Ratio, I consume a ton of veggies and keep a balanced diet leaning more towards alkaline food. So when I get home with pounds of fresh produce, washing it all at once not only makes things easier during the week (when I’m often pressed for time), but also awakens creativity. In fact, by touching and smelling and merely looking at all the fresh goodies, I start picturing the meals I’ll be making in the upcoming week.

When I have help (As it goes faster), I sometimes slice and dice as well. In order to prevent waste, if I’ve bought more than I need on a given day (say the specials were too good to pass on), once washed and prepped I just freeze them. I also wash all the fruits and have clean ready-to eat portions in the morning. And when I’m ready to make my favorite stir fry, all I have to do is drop the ingredients in the skillet.

I find myself much more motivated to cook elaborate healthy meals all week long since I’ve started using this approach. It has literally changed my life along with saving me tons of time. And I’m hoping it will for you as well!

All it takes is trying it once and enjoying the benefits all week. I was sold from the first try!

Storing Properly To Maximize The Goodness

Once you’ve given your veggies a nice bath, it’s also important to store them properly to maximize their freshness. Here is an eye-opening video that sheds some light onto what should actually go in the fridge versus what thrives on the counter. Some of these surprised me 🙂 Enjoy!


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