Dinner & The Golden Ratio

Dinnertime is probably when I have my most sustainable meal of the day. At this stage “all you can eat” applies so I make sure to pack my bowl with nutritious contents that feed every cell in my body. Over the years, I’ve figured out a golden ratio that seems to have the most positive effect on my digestion, weight, energy levels and overall satisfaction! 

The Golden Ratio

It’s simple, whatever I’m in the mood for must feature at least three quarters veggies versus one quarter protein. This keeps my meals more alkaline then acid which offers tons of benefits to human health.

What’s in my dinner bowl

Here are some examples of the golden ratio in practice:

I love to mix meat, fish & seafood with a variety of raw and cooked veggies. My variations tend to differ between the seasons since I look for locally grown produce as much as I can.

Clean eating also entails staying away from processed and overly refined foods, GMOs, unhealthy conventional oils and seasoning that contains MSG. Instead, I cook everything with Organic Coconut Oil, season with fresh herbs and prepare my own flavor cubes (recipe coming soon). I also buy mostly organic meat or at least certified animal well-being, grown without hormones and antibiotics.

Best Place for Meal Inspiration

While most girls like spending time at the mall, I love spending time at the farmer’s market. Fruits & Veggies make me happy! The colors and aromas of fresh produce inspire my creativity.

Montreal’s Atwater Market – Photo credit Nila Do

I try to be active as much as possible, especially in Summer when I’m not hibernating, but I don’t particularly follow an exercise plan. I believe that on top of many other benefits, this type of clean eating contributes greatly to my yearlong slim figure. But above all, it brings joy into my bowls 🙂

I plan to share a ton of my personal recipes on this blog, so stay tuned…

How about you, what’s in your dinner bowl? What inspires your healthy eating habits?

3 thoughts on “Dinner & The Golden Ratio

  1. Thank you so much Ruzele! ❤ I plan to post some recipes soon. I hope your journey is going well and I truly applaud you for your efforts towards your healthy goals! I am certain it will pay off and can see that it's already paying off 🙂


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